The Lion and the cats

I decided to post this little story today, mostly as a reminder for myself, but I think some of you might need it too. 🙂

“A lion came across a group of cats having a chat. “I’m going to devour them,” he thought. But then an odd feeling of calm came over him. And he decided to sit down and pay attention to what they were saying.
– Good God! – said one of the cats, without noticing the lion’s presence. – We have prayed all afternoon! We asked for the skies to rain mice on us!
– And so far nothing has happened! – said another. – I wonder if the Lord really exists.
The skies remained mute. And the cats lost their faith.
The lion rose and went on his way, thinking: “funny how things are. I was going to kill those animals, but God stopped me. And even so, they stopped believing in divine grace. They were so worried about what was missing that they did not even notice the protection they were given.”


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